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Put in Bay Parasail was first started by a businessman from Cleveland in the late eighties.  He saw people enjoying parasailing in Florida and thought people on the North Coast might enjoy it too.  Since then we've flown thousands of happy customers over the beautiful waters of Lake Erie.

 About Us   

Captain Jason Hall is a native of Port Clinton and started his parasailing career in June 1992.  Since then he has flown parasails at Put in Bay, Cedar Point, Key Biscayne, Marco Island, and Fort Myers.  In the winter months he builds sails and boat canvas in Fort Myers.  On days that it's too windy to parasail you'll find him at the dock performing boat maintenance, out windsurfing or flying with his newly earned pilots license. 

 In between parasailing, charter fishing, and mountaineering Captain Tyler still finds time to pursue his dream of professional pinball.  Tyler has also climbed every mountain in Ohio. 

Nick Anadiotis owns every Fast and Furious movie on DVD, including blue ray, and special features. Nick is a sophomore at Cleveland State U. where he majors in gaucamole.  His favorite food is salami. 

Patrick Wood attends The College of Wooster where he studies something about engineering and biology?  Patrick enjoys fireworks from mountains and is an avid hoverboard enthusiast.  

Zach BowTech Ranker is a Marblehead native who enjoys fishing and Chevy pickups. He's also the president of the Tony Keith fan club of greater Danbury.   Stop in at Fins and Furs on Thursdays and Sundays for the BowTech special.